Mr & Miss Metaverse 2019 Final

Winner of Mr & Miss Metaverse 2019 – Ali Reignn and Bren Heron

Here are the results of the final of Mr & Miss Metaverse held at the Metaverse Grand Theatre on Saturday 19th January 2019

Ali Reignn – ♛ Miss Metaverse 2019
Zaria Zenfold – ♛ Miss Metaverse 1st RU 2019
RoyaleSun Ixchel – ♛ Miss Metaverse 2nd RU 2019
Makena Kolosi – ♛ Miss Metaverse 3rd RU 2019
Eva Madenwald – ♛ Miss Metaverse 4th RU 2019

Bren Heron – ♛ Mr Metaverse 2019
Aaron Milles – ♛ Mr. Metaverse 1st RU 2019
Tymon Alexander – ♛ Mr. Metaverse 2nd RU 2019

mmv frost
Myself pictured in the ‘Frost Forward’ round of the final 10

Mr & Miss Metaverse 2019 Semi-final

Contestants line up for the photoshoot after the semi-final of Mr & Miss Metavers 2019

Saturday 12th January: Venetian Carnival and National Designer were the two themes in the semi-final for the coveted titles of Mr & Miss Metaverse 2019.
Ten contestants will compete for the crowns in two more themes for the final which takes place on Saturday 19th January at 2pm SLT

Second Life Fashion Week 2018

6th annual Metaverse Fashion Week

Its a busy week ahead with the Metaverse Fashion Week running from September 10th – 16th. Details in the poster below.
Metaverse Grand Theatre

Texture - 2018 MFW POSTER


Here’s a look at me in some of the outfits from the shows.

Amanda Ghee1
‘Caged’ by Ghee – Fashion & Beauty – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Caged’ dress – Graphite
‘Caged’ boots – Graphite
‘Discus’ jewellery set – Necklace & earrings – 4 metals HUD
Ghee – Fashion & Beauty


Amanda Ghee2
‘Jali’ Gown by Ghee Fashion & Beauty – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Jali’ gown – Jade
‘Jali’ headpiece – Jade
‘Simple drop pearls’ jewellery set – Gold
Ghee – Fashion & Beauty


Anastasia Chelsey
‘Chelsey Ensemble’ by Anastasia Designs – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Chelsey Ensemble’ (dress, hat and earrings) – Anastasia Designs
Scarf from Meli Imako – Marketplace
Deluxe Handbag from Angel Deluxe – Angel Deluxe
‘Kate’ Shoes from N-core – N-Core Design
‘Asteria’ Seamed stockings from Style – Style Pantyhose Lounge


Amanda Heth Janelle
‘Janelle’ Gown by Heth Haute Couture – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Janelle’ Gown and ‘Queen of SL’ Jewellery set – Citrine – Heth Haute Couture