Second Life Fashion Week 2018

6th annual Metaverse Fashion Week

Its a busy week ahead with the Metaverse Fashion Week running from September 10th – 16th. Details in the poster below.
Metaverse Grand Theatre

Texture - 2018 MFW POSTER


Here’s a look at me in some of the outfits from the shows.

Amanda Ghee1
‘Caged’ by Ghee – Fashion & Beauty – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Caged’ dress – Graphite
‘Caged’ boots – Graphite
‘Discus’ jewellery set – Necklace & earrings – 4 metals HUD
Ghee – Fashion & Beauty


Amanda Ghee2
‘Jali’ Gown by Ghee Fashion & Beauty – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Jali’ gown – Jade
‘Jali’ headpiece – Jade
‘Simple drop pearls’ jewellery set – Gold
Ghee – Fashion & Beauty


Anastasia Chelsey
‘Chelsey Ensemble’ by Anastasia Designs – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Chelsey Ensemble’ (dress, hat and earrings) – Anastasia Designs
Scarf from Meli Imako – Marketplace
Deluxe Handbag from Angel Deluxe – Angel Deluxe
‘Kate’ Shoes from N-core – N-Core Design
‘Asteria’ Seamed stockings from Style – Style Pantyhose Lounge


Amanda Heth Janelle
‘Janelle’ Gown by Heth Haute Couture – Photo: Sophia Day

‘Janelle’ Gown and ‘Queen of SL’ Jewellery set – Citrine – Heth Haute Couture





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