About me

Amanda-Day Copy
Photo: Brenda Menges

Who is Amanda Day?
Amanda is my 3rd avatar since joining Second Life for the first time back in 2004.
The first avatar was lost due to a forgotten password after an era of poor internet performance. The second fell victim to inworld bullying. After a period of visiting other grids, Amanda was born in a return to SL.
Over the years I have learned to build and script sufficiently for times when it has been necessary to make various items.
I have owned and run a successful live music venue together with my wife.
More recently I have begun on a modelling career and currently hold the crowns of Miss Parallel Universe 2018 and Metaverse Miss England 2019.

Why should you see yet another blog from a Second Life user?
If you are expecting to find reviews of the latest items from your favourite creators I am afraid you won’t find many here. Since I am often asked about the things I am wearing, the purpose of this blog is simply to inform and portray them. I hope you find it useful 🙂